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    AT&T to Sell First LTE Phones From Samsung, HTC
    European GPS: GIOVE-B arrives at ESTEC for final tests
    Millimeter Wave Communication System for Navy: GigaBeam
    New 3-Port Switch For Triple And Quad Play Applications: Micrel
    Ka-band Products, Including Power Amplifiers and Doubler: Mimix Broadband, Inc.

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    AT&T to Sell First LTE Phones From Samsung, HTC
    DTV measurement and Monitoring Tool from Z Technology
    Measurement range of spectrum analyzers up to 325 GHz: Agilent
    Integration of HBTs and pHEMTs on Single InGaP GaAs Die by Anadigics
    NEC America and SunCom Deliver Mid-Tier Mobile EDGE Phone

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    AT&T to Sell First LTE Phones From Samsung, HTC

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    Keysight Technologies to host 5G Symposium

Keysight Technologies is hosting a complimentary 5G Symposium on Sept. 3. Keysight technical experts will discuss the test and metrology challenges regarding current and future 5G standards development, technical requirements, tools and solutions. Additional topics include system and component modeling, simulation and design, and new measurement demands related to the air-interfaces and network interfaces envisioned for 5G.

When: Sept. 3, 2015

Where: Agilent Technologies, Aristotle Room, 5301, Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, Calif.
Registration is required to attend.

Additional Information is available at

    Submitted By: paramjit Date: 2015-08-20
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