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     Microwave Microstrip Training Lab

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    RCS24 stealth trainer

  A microwave antenna Trainer

  Microwave Integrated Circuit Trainer

  Doppler radar trainer

  AM FM Signal generator

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Category : v  : Oscillators & Frequency Counters

AM FM Signal generator

  Product Brief :

Amitec AM FM Signal Generator AFM05

Amitec AFM05 Features:

Amitec Model AFM05 AM/FM Signal generator has

been designed using the state of the art technology for

testing of equipment in 1 MHz to 500 MHz band. The

instrument can be utilized in service workshops,

laboratories and in production alike. The output signal

can be frequency and amplitude modulated with internal

and external signals. The frequency of output signal can

be adjusted continuously with coarse and fine control

and displayed on a 4 digit LED frequency counter. Very

low leakage enhances the usable low amplitude signal

range and low harmonic contents puts it in a higher class

of instruments.

* FM/AM Internal/ External Facility

* Frequency Coverage from 1 to 500 MHz

* 4 Digit Frequency with 100KHz resolution

* 1dB attenuator step size with total of 90dB

* Accurate frequency indication

* Phase locked Loop for minimum drift

* Very low leakage and harmonics

* Rugged Compact and Fully Solid State

Amitec AFM05 Technical Specifications

Frequency : 1 Mhz to 500 MHz

Resolution : 100KHz, continuous tuning

Freq. Indication : 4 digit LED readout

Accuracy : 0.01% +least count+100kHz

RF output : 0dBm to -90dBm

Attenuator : 90 dB in steps of 1dB

Impedance : 50 Ohms nominal

AM Depth : 0 to 100% cont. variable

Modulation : 1KHz Int/Ext.

FM Deviation : 0 to 10 Mhz cont. Variable

Modulation : 1KHz Int/Ext

Power Supply : 220V + 10% 50 Hz AC

Accessories : Mains Lead, BNC-BNC

on fundamental

  Product Specifications :

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Cost :Low CostModel :AFM05
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  Details of Product Vendor
  Name :Amitec Electronics ltd.
  Web :

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Phone :+919810193153,+91981Fax :+91 120 4371276-26



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 Microwave Microstrip Training Lab
 A microwave antenna Trainer
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