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    RCS24 stealth trainer

  A microwave antenna Trainer

  Microwave Integrated Circuit Trainer

  Doppler radar trainer

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Doppler radar trainer

  Product Brief :

AmitecDoppler Radar Trainer DXR10. Doppler radar traineris

a versatile table top system for experimentation and

understanding of the principle and working of Doppler

Shift Effect in Radar. Students will find it very easy to use

this system. The trainer is also capable of measuring the

speed of a moving object, distance traveled by a moving

object, frequency of vibrating object and reflections from

objects. The trainer is provided with Microwave

Transceiver with Patch Antenna and Velocity Simulator

& software.

* Demonstrates the principle of Doppler shift of

reflected electro magnetic wave from a moving


* Speed, rotation, event counting, level control,

contact less vibration measurement

* Observation and measurements with software

* Microwave X band operation

* High gain Parabolic antenna provided for

narrow beamwidth and clutter reduction.

* PC based oscilloscope provided

* FFT with cursor measurement

Type : MMIC tranciever with parabolic

dish antenna.

Antenna Size : 25cm dia with f/d 0.25

Frequency : 10.5 Ghz DRO stabilized

Output Level : 0 dBm typical

Sensitivity : -70dBm typical

Output : PC Compatible

Power Supply : 220V 10% 50Hz


Fast Fourier transform


E-Manual: Installation DVD for ease of Learning

Radar Jammer with Moving Target Emulator:

Speed Display : Display in km/hr,miles/hr,

m/s, rpm, event, Khz

Frequency set : gate time selectable from 10 ms to

1000ms and frequency threshold

selectable from 1mV to 1000mV


Oscilloscope : Real time with digital storage

Display setting : Both X and Y position adjustable

Volts/div : Adjustable

Time Base : Adjustable

Trigger : Auto

FFT : Real time Simultaneous speed

and frequency display with cursor


Scanwidth : Selectable in steps

Activity Log : User defined Start and Stop Event

Display : Peak to peak voltage display

Annunciation : audio & visual

Alarm : Adjustable threshold with

Event counting : With reset to zero

Speed Factor : User settable Hz/(Km/hr)

Counter : In built frequency counter in GUI

Audio in/out : Volume settings; alarm On/Off


Accessories : Tuning Fork, Buzzer, Turbine Fan,

Pendulum, Reflector Panel

Jamming : Random

Range : 0 to 1000km/hr

Specifications are subject to change due to constant innovation in technology.Accessories

shown are not part of standard equipment.


Optional: K Band Doppler Radar


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