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Category : Test Equipment : Microwave & RF

Amitec Microwave Power meter 20 GHz

  Product Brief :

Amitec Microwave Power Meter MPM20

microwave power meter using a power sensor. The

power meter can measure power levels from -30dBm to

+20dBm and cover frequencies from 10MHz to 20GHz.

The power meter is designed to easily measure Gunn

and Klystron Source outputs without PIN modulator. The

power meter can be used for swept measurement with

CRO interface capability. The high dynamic range is

useful for experimentation in microwave test benches. It

can effectively replace the SWR meter for most

experiments and allow measurements with

unprecedented accuracy.

* 10MHz to 20GHz measurement range

* RS 232 interface

* Bar Graph Display on backlit LCD

* Wide power range +20dBm to -30dBm

* High measure speed at all power levels

* dB relative mode for ease of measurement

* Measurement in dBm, mW, dBr, dBW, dBuW

* Shock/Drop resistant Sensor

Amitec MPM20 Technical Specifications



E-Manual: Installation DVD for ease of Learning

Frequency range : 10MHz to 20 GHz

Power range : -30dBm to +20dBm

Measurement : dBm, dBr, mW, dBW, dBuW

Analog display : Bar Graph

Ranging : Auto-ranging

Sampling : 1,10,100 readings per sec.

Relative Offset : +20.0 to -30.0dBm for

relative measurement

Resolution : 0.1, 0.5 and 1dB

Test Output : 10.5 Ghz

User setting : +3.0dB to -3.0dB in 0.1dB step

Display : 16X2 Backlit LCD

Recorder output : For CRO interface

PC interface : RS232 serial port

Power : 230V +/- 10% AC

RF Connector : N (M)

Impedance : 50 ohms

Frequency range : 10MHz to 20GHz

Maximum input : +20dBm

Return Loss : 20dB upto 12.4GHz

: 15dB upto 20GHz

Compensation : Temperature compensated


Cable : Sensor/meter cable 3m

Adapter : N(M) -N(M), N-SMA,

N-BNC, X-band waveguide

to coax adapter

Optional : 40 Ghz power meter MPM40

20 Ghz Dual & Triple Channel

Microwave power meters

Microwave Power meter 20 GHz  is a low cost, high performance

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  Product Specifications :

  Product ID :Microwave power meter
  Product URL :

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Cost :Low CostModel :MPM20
  Product Download URL :

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  Details of Product Vendor
  Name :Amitec Electronics ltd.
  Web :

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Phone :+919810193153, +9198Fax :+91-120-4371276



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