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Category : Test Equipment : Microwave & RF

Transmission Line Trainer

  Product Brief :


TLA05 Transmission Line Analyzer has been designed

to help educators visualize standing waves on a CRO

and work on real transmission lines unlike most of the

transmission line trainers currently available for

educational purposes which use artificially simulated

line modules with lumped parameters. An exhaustive

manual has been provided with the system, which

provides detailed experimental procedure of the



* To study standing waves and observe maxima

and minima of a transmission line on a CRO.

* Uses actual coaxial lines rather than simulated


* Appreciate significance of impedance matching.

* Measures VSWR, reflection coefficient,

characteristic impedance, velocity of propagation,

dielectric constant and signal attenuation.

* Study Time Domain Reflectometry.

* S t u d y l o c a t i o n a n d n a t u r e o f

discontinuities, open/short, mismatched

terminations, etc.

* Offers a complete view of the transmission line

in analog and digital domains, which is essential

for complete understanding of transmission line


Technical Specifications:

A. Frequency Domain Analyzer

Frequency range : 25-250 MHz typical.

Display : LCD

Max level : 110dBuV max open circuit


Flatness : 1.5 dB upto 250MHz

Spurious harmonics : 20dB below fundamental

Attenuator : In steps of 0.5, 1, 2,4, 8,15 dB

Output Impedance : 50 Ohms

Scope out : X-Y output to scope

B. Resistive Impedance Analyzer

Range : 0 to 1000 ohms

characteristic impedance

Display : LCD

Resolution : 1 Ohm

C. Time Domain Reflectometer

PRR Short range : 10MHz typical

Pulse width : <10ns typical

PRR Long range : 100KHz typical

Resolution : B e t t e r t h a n 1 m w i t h

100MHz scope

Amplitude : 1V nominal

Out Impedance : 50 Ohms

Power Supply : 220V + 10 % 50 Hz


Lengths of 50 ohms and 75 ohms coaxial cable300ohms

parallel line with balun, lossy & loss less lines, 2 Tee

connectors, ,Standard load of 50 and 75 ohms, Various

capacitive and inductive loads, shor ts, Operat ing

manual, Mains cord

  Product Specifications :

  Product ID :Transmission Line Trainer
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Cost :Low costModel :TLA05
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  Name :Amitec Electronics ltd.
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Phone :+919810193153,+91981Fax :+91-120-4371276 Extn



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