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 Microwave Microstrip Training Lab

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     Microwave Microstrip Training Lab

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    RCS24 stealth trainer

  A microwave antenna Trainer

  Microwave Integrated Circuit Trainer

  Doppler radar trainer

  AM FM Signal generator

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Microwave test bench x band

  Product Brief :

Microwave bench-Amitec Electronics

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* All components are precious metal plated

* Tested on HP network analyser

1. Digital Gunn Power supply

It consists of a regulated DC Power supply and a square

wave generator, to operate Gunn oscillator and PIN


Gunn Bias Voltage 0-10 V

Current 0-750mA

Modulation Frequency 900-1100Hz

Modulation Amplitude 0-10V


2. VSWR meter

It consists of a calibrated high gain tuned amplifier for

measurement of VSWR and relative Power levels. It is

calibrated in VSWR and dB for square law of detector .

Frequency 1KHz

Bandwidth 100Hz

Sensitivity 2uV

3. Gunn Oscillator

A Gunn oscillator generates microwave frequencies

using a Gunn diode. It is supplied with calibration giving

frequency Vs. micrometer reading.

Frequency range X band

Power output 10dBm

4. PIN-diode modulator

PIN diode modulator produces amplitude modulation of

the CW output of Gunn oscillator for detection by VSWR

meter. It consists of a PIN diode mounted inside a

section of waveguide.

Amplitude modulation 50%

Insertion loss 2dB

Technical Specifications

5. Variable attenuator

A variable attenuator provides attenuation by varying

the degree of insertion of a matched resistive strip into a

wave guide. The variable attenuator is used to control a

power level or to isolate a source from a load.

Attenuation 0 to 20dB variable

6. Slotted line with matched Probe

A slotted line is used to measure the amplitude and the

phase of the standing wave pattern to determine the

wavelength, standing wave ratio and the impedance of

the waveguide transmission line. It has built in detector.

Residual SWR 1.1

7. Waveguide matched detector

The detector has a high sensitivity schottky diode

mounted inside a wave guide. It is used for detection

/demodulation of microwave signals.

8. Matched termination

It is non reflective and absorptive termination matched

to the waveguide.

Return Loss >25dB

9. Slide screw tuner precision micrometer type

It is used to match loads, detectors, or antennas to the

characteristic impedance of the waveguide. The

combination of the depth and the position of the probe

causes reflection in the wave guide at a specific

amplitude and phase.

Microwave test bench MWB05

10. Wave guide Stands

They are used to support the microwave components

for setting up waveguide Test bench.

11. Shorting plate

When measuring the wavelength inside of a wave

guide. a shorting plate is used to create a short (zero

impedance) at the open end of a wave-guide.

12. Fixed attenuator.

The purpose of the fixed attenuator is to provide a fixed

attenuation, isolation, padding etc. The attenuation is

obtained by insertion of a thin conducting absorber into

a straight portion of a standard waveguide.

Attenuation 3dB

13. Magic-Tee (or Hybrid-Tee)

A magic-Tee is a four port device where power incident

on any arm splits equally between the two adjacent

arms, but there is no power coupled to the opposite arm.

The magic-Tee is an essential device in balanced

mixers, automatic frequency control circuits and

Impedance measurement circuits.

14. Directional coupler

A directional coupler is consisted of two wave guides

combined together and coupled by holes at the joining

section. It is used to measure the VSWR or return loss of


Coupling 10dB

Directivity 30dB

15. Wave guide rigid rectangular straight section.

It is a straight section of wave guide used in

measurements of the wavelength and the phase

velocity inside a wave guide.

16. Wave guide to Coaxial Adapter

It provides a transition between a wave guide and a 50

ohm coaxial cable. It has low SWR with flat frequency

response and low loss.

17. Pyramidal Horn Antenna

It consists of a section of waveguide joined to a

pyramidal section to concentrate the energy in a beam.

Gain 16dB

18. Reflecting Panel

It is used to reflect electromagnetic waves in free space

when measuring free space wavelength.

Accessories Mains Lead, BNC-BNC lead,


Technical Specifications


1. Introduction to waveguide components.

2. Gunn oscillator

i) Measurement of current vs. voltage characteristic of Gunn


ii) Measurement of Gunn oscillator output power and

supply voltage.

iii) Measurement of Gunn oscillator output frequency and

supply voltage.

3. Modulator and crystal detector

i) Operation of PIN diode modulator.

ii) Operation of crystal detector.

iii) Measurement of square law characteristic of crystal


4. Propagation modes, wavelength and phase velocity in a


i) Measurement of frequency of source.

ii) Measurement of free space & guide wavelength and

verify waveguide law.

5. Q and bandwidth of resonance cavity.

i) Measurement of Q using power meter technique.

ii) Measurement of Q using SWR method.

6. Power Measurement

i) Direct Power Measurement

ii) Measurement of Power using Directional Coupler.

iii) Measurement of conjugate and Zo power.

iv) Measurement of power of modulated signal.

7. VSWR and Reflection Coefficient by Standing wave and

Double Minimum Method

i) Measurement of low and medium range SWR.

ii) Measurement of high range SWR.

iii) Measurement of high range SWR using a calibrated


8. Impedance Measurement

i) Measurement of unknown Impedance of a load using

smith chart.

ii) To match an unknown impedance.

9. Waveguide Hybrid( Magic) Tee

i) Measurement of Power division or Decoupling between

H-arm and E- arm of a Magic Tee.

ii) Measurement of Insertion loss of a Magic Tee.

iii) Measurement of Return Loss of H arm of a Magic Tee.

vi) Measurement of VSWR of ports of Hybrid (Magic) Tee

10. Properties of Directional Coupler

i) Measurement of coupling factor.

ii) Measurement of directivity.

iii) Measurement of return loss of a load.

iv) Measurement of Main line insertion loss.

v) Measurement of VSWR of ports.

11. Fixed and Variable Attenuator

i) Measurement of attenuation using the Power Ratio


ii) Measurement of attenuation using the RF substitution


iii) Measurement of low values of attenuation.

iv) Measurement of VSWR and Insertion Loss.

v) Measurement of Insertion Loss of attenuator.

12. To study a cavity resonator type frequency counter.

13. To study wave guide to coax transition.

14. Radiation pattern and Gain

i) To study polar patterns and measure gain for the

pyramidal horn antenna.

19. To establish a Microwave communication link.

Optional : Power Meter MPM18

X Band Signal Generator

DRO 10.5 GHz source

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 Microwave Microstrip Training Lab
 A microwave antenna Trainer
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