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Thuraya Hughes 7101 Handset

  Product Brief :

The Handset is small, lightweight and user friendly with features familiar with most modern GSM telephones. The antenna is retractable into the body of the telephone resulting in a smaller package when not in use. Thuraya offers High Power Alerting, which means that when the telephone has registered and is then taken inside it can be alerted to an incoming call, subject to signal strength. The user will then have to move outside to accept the call.

  Product Specifications :


Features and functions:

  • User friendly soft key operation
  • WAP 1.2 stack
  • GPS Distance & Direction
  • GPS location determination and storage of 25 GPS positions
  • GPS location transmission via SMS
  • User interface with 9 languages
  • Voice over Thuraya satellite network and the GSM
  • Data and fax up to 9600 bps*
  • Short Message Service (SMS) with text input for
  • Supplementary Services
  • 16 ringing tones
  • Downloading ringing tones (can be sent using SMS to other compatible phones)
  • Last 10 calls of missed, received and dialled - with date
    and time stamps
  • Voice Mailbox
  • Call cost function**
  • Speed dialling
  • Signal strength display and mode indication
  • Battery level display
  • High Power Alerting (HPA)
  • Any key answering
  • Clock and date
  • 2 alarm clock
  • Tone-dialling (DTMF)
  • Talk time in satellite mode is 2.4 hours and in GSM mode it is 4 hours (minimum)
  • Standby time in satellite mode is 34.1 hours and in GSM mode it is 33.3 hours (minimum)
  • Lithium Ion Battery with capacity of 720 mAh (minimum)
  • Weight is 220 grams

* Requires optional data cable
** Requires Network support

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