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Category : Test Equipment : Microwave & RF

Antenna trainer 0.005-2 GHz

  Product Brief :

Antenna Training Lab ATS20

Antenna Trainer Lab has been designed

to provide useful tools for hands on experimentation and

teaching of various commonly used antennas in VHFUHF-

Microwave band in the laboratory for students of

all levels. It can be used in stand-alone mode as well as

be interfaced with a computer via RS232.

The system consists of a set of two tripods one for

mounting the transmitting antenna and another stepper

motor controlled antenna positioning tripod for mounting

the receiving antenna, 30 different types of antennas,

PLL synthesized Digital RF Transmitter, PLL

synthesized Digital RF Receiver & Stepper Controller

and all the necessary cables and accessories.


* 30 different types of adjustable Antennas like

Log Spiral, Batwing, Stacked Yagi, Helix, Quad,

Slot, Log periodic, Discone, Biconical, GPS

Patch, Parabolic dish etc. are offered

* User selected variable transmitter & receiver

frequencies and adjustable antenna lengths to

cover wide frequency range for variety of


* PLL stabilized antenna transmitter and

receiver operating in the frequency range of

5-2000 MHz with 50 KHz step size for full range

testing and modeling of antennas.

* Rs232 interface with polar plotting software

with log, linear cartesian and polar plots, Vi, Vr &

VSWR plots, Multiple pattern overlay, Double

cursor measurement, Zoom, Colour editing,

1000 location editor, Absolute/Relative

measurement , 3dB/10dB beamwidth


Technical Specifications:

PLL Synthesized Digital RF Transmitter

Frequency range: 5-2000 MHz PLL synthesized in

3 ranges

Step size : 0.05, 0.1, 0.25,0.5, 1 & 10 MHz

Accuracy : 0.01%

Display : 16X2 Backlit LCD

Controls : Menu, Enter, Escape, Up &

Down buttons.

Memory : 1000 individual frequencies can

be stored/recalled

Modulation FM : Internal 1KHz/ External Micro


RF Level : 110 dBuV max.

Level Accuracy : +/- 3 dB

Attenuator : 40dB (external)

Output Z : 50 ohms

Auto mode : Tracking operation with receiver

Power Supply : 220V AC + 10%

PLL Synthesized Digital RF Receiver

Frequency range: 5-2000 MHz PLL synthesized

in 3 ranges

Step size : 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1 & 10 MHz

Accuracy : 0.01%

Display : 16X2 Backlit LCD

Controls : Menu, Enter, Escape, Up &

Down buttons.

Memory : 1000 individual frequencies &

levels can be stored/recalled

Measurements : RF level measurement in dBuV

with 0.1dB resolution


Technical specifications:

Level Accuracy : +/- 3 dB

Dynamic range : 110 dB (70dB logarithmic +

40dB attenuator)

Input Z : 50 ohm

Speaker : Inbuilt for Audio output

RS232 interface: Easy connectivity to PC for polar

plotting using supplied software

Auto mode : Data logging for antenna

bandwidth & polar plots for

interfacing with transmitter &


Power Supply : 220V AC + 10%

Stepper Motor Controller Unit

Display : 16X2 backlit LCD for angle

Rotation : 0-359 degrees.

Controls : Menu, Enter, Escape, Up &

Down buttons

Angular steps : User selectable steps of 1,5,10,

45 degrees

Memory : 1000 memories for storing

angular positions for quick recall

Auto mode : Automatic rotation with interface

to receiver

Indication : Beep indication on reaching the

selected position.

Mode : Clockwise/Counterclockwise

rotation, Fast Slow modes, Reset

to zero degree

Power Supply : 220V AC + 10%

Antenna Types

1) Monopole 2) Dipole X2

3) Folded Dipole 4) Crossed Dipole LHCP

5) Crossed Dipole RHCP 6) Yagi(3el)

7) Yagi (4el) 8) Biconical

9) Discone 10) Log Periodic

11) Sleeve 12) Slot

13) End fire 14) Broad side

15) Whip 16) Helix LHCP

17) Helix RHCP 18) Square Loop

19) Quad 20) Spiral

21) V antenna 22) Patch

23) Parabolic Reflector24) Ground plane with

reflector & director

25) Collinear 26) L/4 Phase array

27) Blade 28) Conical Horn

29) Batwing 30) Stacked Yagi


log, linear cartesian and polar plots, Vi, Vr & VSWR

plots, Multiple pattern overlay, Double cursor, Zoom,

Colour editing, 1000 location editor, Absolute/Relative,

3dB/10dB beam-width, Gain, Front to back, Side lobe

level and position, Plot rotate, File- edit, save, get,

RS232 interface with polar plotting with

Directional Coupler

Directional Coupler is provided with 0.005 to 2 GHz

frequency response and 20dB directivity for antenna

forward & reverse power & VSWR measurements.


1) Adjustable Non-conductive AZ-EL tripod for

mounting transmitter Antenna.

2) Stepper motor controlled adjustable nonconducting

AZ-EL tripod for rotation of receiving


3) Condenser microphone

4) All necessary connectors & Teflon RF cables.

5) Students activity manual, Teachers reference

Manual & Theory manual

6) Software CD

7) Antenna Kit

8) Sniffer Probe

Areas of experimentation and scope of study

To prove the inverse square law of propagation.

and a directional antenna.

To plot the radiation pattern of an Omni-directional

Vertical, Horizontal and Circularly polarized


To study the phenomenon of Polarization for

linear & circular antennas

To study polarization discrimination between

non-resonant antenna and hence calculate the

resonant frequency and estimate the VSWR of a

resonant antenna.

To study the difference between a resonant and

radiation patterns of an antenna are equal and

hence confirm the reciprocity of antenna.

To demonstrate that the transmitting and receiving

element of an antenna.

To study the current distribution along the length of

Study of antenna parameters:

Cartesian Plots of an antenna.

To plot the radiation pattern E & H Plane - Polar &

gain, beam width (Half Power/10dB), front to back

ratio, plane of polarization, side lobe level and its

angular position.

From the radiation pattern, measure the directive

and bandwidth using directional coupler and

adjust the antenna for resonance.

To study antenna resonance and estimate VSWR

based on antenna parameters.

Comparative study between various antennas

dimensions on antenna parameters.

To observe the significance of parasitic element

To study antenna modeling.


To construct your own antenna and study its

To establish voice communication link using

  Product Specifications :

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