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  Product Brief :



What a radical idea!

Go where no scientist has gone before

Faster than a speeding bullet

A penny saved is a penny earned

Lean on me




- A benchtop photolithography exposure system

thatís radically easy to use. Simple, one button exposure in a mere 4

square feet.

- You call the shots.

Miniaturize and pattern designs on virtually any material of virtually

any shape and size, even grey scale and features down to 5 microns!

- Instantaneous prototyping. Pattern

prototypes in seconds not the weeks or months needed for systems

requiring photomasks.

- Competitively priced with

deliriously low operational and maintenance


- We give you peace of mind with complete customer

service, personalized support and a complete Warranty.

Rapid prototyping just got faster. Now you can automatically, easily,

and quickly obtain adjacent pattern stitching for large area imaging,

with level to level exposure capability for multi-layer substrates. The

SF-100 Auto Stage is our latest addition to the maskless

photolithography line. 365 nm energy (i-line) and 429 nm energy

(gline) are standard.

This addition to our product line was designed using our proven and

reliable optical design. The SF-100 Auto Stage preserves the best

features of the manual tool including one-button operation, grey scale

capability, curved and other non-flat substrate patterning, as well as

low maintenance and operational costs. The SF-100 product family is

the ideal starting tool for new microdevice labs. It is also an ideal

complementary system for existing photolithography processes.

The automated stage provides movement in the XYZ and theta

directions. It is sized to handle substrates that are up to 6 x 6 inches

square. We provide 1 inch of travel in the Z direction to accommodate

substrates of various thicknesses.

Produce features as small as 5 microns using the SF-100ís optional

reduction kit available for manual and Auto Stage tools. The SF-100

can be purchased with reduction optics or upgraded later in the field.

The SF-100 software provides you complete user control. Our

proprietary software was written using the industry standard,

LabVIEW software, assuring you reliability. A graphical user interface

Laser and Electron Beam (E-Beam) pixel writers have been proven to

be very successful in photoresist patterning of fine features. Laser

writers produce features of <1.0 μm routinely, while E-Beam

lithography systems easily produce features of <0.25 μm. Although

both of these systems produce exceptional line quality and small

features, both types of systems have difficulty in quickly producing

large features. Since both laser and E-Beam systems write features

one pixel at a time, their throughput is very slow when designs are very

dense or when designs contain large features.

Intelligent Micro Patterningís SF-100 provides a cost effective solution

for improving the throughput of laser and E-Beam writers. The SF-100

is an elegantly simple exposure system that provides exceptional

imaging quality. Light is introduced into the system using a mercury arc

lamp. A direct coupled optical delivery system ensures efficient

transfer of this energy to the Smart Filter sub-assembly. The Smart

Filter incorporates all of the necessary optical and electronic

components needed to transfer an image onto the substrate. Using

proven optical design techniques, the projected image is free of

distortion and uniform throughout the exposure area. A WindowsTMbased

personal computer is interfaced directly to the Smart Filter,

which provides the image for the exposure process and shutter control

when an automated system is purchased.

Light emanating from the Smart Filter is projected directly onto the

surface of the substrate. Since the area of this image is typically only a

few square centimeters, a step and repeat motion is used to expose

the entire surface of the substrate. This can be either a manual or

automated system. Additionally, by using the high-resolution stereo

microscope mounted above the substrate, the user may control image

to substrate alignment. This provides the SF-100 system the capability

of fabricating multi-layer devices. A removable UV filter (shutter) is

placed between the light source and substrate during the alignment

sequence so as to avoid substrate exposure during image to substrate

alignment. This filter is necessary in order to prevent photo sensitive

material from exposing while the substrate is being aligned to the

image. The filter is lifted out of the light path using an electronically

operated subassembly to provide exposure.

By using the Laser or E-Beam writer to fabricate fine features and then

using the SF-100 to pattern larger features, the user is able to

drastically increase the throughput of his pixel writer without

purchasing an additional pixel writer. Due to the SF-100ís cost

effective design, proven high reliability, and ease of use, the pixel

writer/SF-100 combination maximizes the userís capital resources,

while providing the ability to fabricate more cost effective

nanotechnology devices.

The result of this mix and match partnership provides the user with:

* Efficient use of capital, by maximizing the throughput of each

exposure system,

* Higher capacity from the existing pixel writer,

* Reduced operational, maintenance, and installation costs when

compared to those for an additional pixel writer, and

* Increased process capabilities by being able to process non-silicon,

non-flat substrates on the SF-100.

Technical Specifications SF-100 Auto


Light Source : 200 watt Mercury Arc Lamp

Wavelength : 429 nm and 365 nm (g- line

and i- line)

Power Density at : >200mwatt at 429 nm and

Substrate >20mwatt at 365 nm.

Minimum : Standard Config. 20um

Feature Optional Reduction Kit- 5um

Process Time : <10 minutes for 100 mm

silicon wafer (using 3 um

positive photoresist

SF-100 system : 3 ft (915mm) wide X 2ft

Footprint (610 mm) deep(excludingPC)

Substrate Size : Max. 150 mm wide X max.

150 mm deep. Nonstandard

shapes can be


Warranty : 1 year parts and labor, per

current SF-100 standard

product offering

Greyscale : >1000 levels of greyscale

provided as standard

Imaging Array : 1024 X 768 pixels (over

750,000 pixels per exposure)

Manual Operation : available using software

Bench Top : Granite, air Table or

Requirements similar required

Applications in various fields of Science

IIT, Kanpur

ISRO, Ahemedabad


Biotechnology & Microbiology,

Molecular Biophysics & Ceramics,

RF & Microwaves,


Micro Mechanics,

Micro Magnetic,

Automotive, Aerospace & Defense,

Medical & Environmental,


Carbon Nanotubes, Nanofibers, Fullerenes

Microfluidics & Fuel Cell,

3D Device Fabrication,


Microanalysis and Biochemistry,

Materials Research on curved surfaces,

Chemical Engineering & Cosmetics,

MEMS, Carbon MEMS,

Photoresist Patterning,


Bio-optical Nanotechnology, etc.

Our Indian customers include:

for development of templates for selfassembly

with applications in sub-micron large area

patterning,carbon MEMS, sensors and polymer based


for fabricating microelectronic

PCB's for use in future satellites.

For further information please contact

T/727 522 0334 F/727 522 3896

1922 Illinois Avenue NE St. Petersburg, FL 33703-

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