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  Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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Mfd by: Amitec Electronics Ltd.

Regd. Off: 504, Nilgiri, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001

Works: 4/32, Site-4, Industrial Estate Sahibabad, UP-201010,

91-120-4371276, 91-9811839949, 91-9810193153




The equipment has been developed for Bharati school

IIT Delhi for application of study of WLAN and

BLUETOOTH RF systems. Several such sytems are in

use already. Audio signal, voice, video can be sent

simultaneously at Transmitter and reproduced at

Receiver. External broadband digital or analog data can

be used for link testing. Serial data can be transferred

from one computer to another via wireless link. A 500

MHz Spectrum Analyzer is optionally provided for signal

analysis of Downconverted signal. A variety of antennas

at 2.4 GHz band are provided for study. One transmitter

and one receiver, offered as standard, can setup

unidirectional link. However, two transmitter and two

receivers are required for bidirectional link for testing cochannel

interference, point to multipoint link analysis,

diversity reception etc.


* PLL Synthesized source and receiver

* Microwave receiver and transmitter

* Protocol based PC to PC wireless data link

* Transmission of audio, video, data

* Attenuation, C/N, S/N, fading measurement

* Polarization, space, frequency diversity

* Duplex mode using two pair of equipments

Technical Specifications

Frequency : 2.25 to 2.68 GHz

Transmitter PLL Synthesized

& receiver Transmitter usable from 1.9 to

2.68 GHz

Receiver usable from

2.25 to 2.8 GHz

Step Size : 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 10 MHz

Accuracy : 10KHz

Display : 16X2 LCD Backlit Display

Tx RF Out : 10dBm approx typical

Attenuator : 0-30dB variable

Impedance : 75 Ohms

Rx Sensitivity : -85dBm approx typical

Attenuator : 0-20dB approx variable

Impedance : 75 Ohms

Downconverter : 479.5 MHz

Channels : 2 audio channels and 1

video/data channel

Antennas : Patch, LHCP Helix, RHCP

Helix, Yagi, Conical horn, Log

periodic, Parabolic reflector,

Log Spiral

Accessories : Tripods-2, camera, monitor

Optional : Spectrum analyser 500MHz

for monitoring down converted


AWGN Generator 3 GHz for

C/N analysis.

2.4 GHz spot frequency

sources for C/I analysis

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Most Viewed Products
 Antenna Plotting Software
 Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer
 Balaji Technologies Microwave Bench
 Microwave Bench, Microwave trainers, antenna trainer kit, microwave trainers supplier, antenna train
 50-1300 Mhz Antenna Trainer

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