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Category : v  : Low Noise Amplifiers1

TQP3M9009 High Linearity LNA Gain Block

  Product Brief :

The TQP3M9009 is a cascadable, high linearity gain block amplifier in a SOT-89 package. The gain block has the benefit of having high gain across a broad range of frequencies while also providing very low noise, allowing for use in both receiver and transmitter chains for high performance systems. The amplifier is internally matched using a high performance E-pHEMT process and only requires an external RF choke and blocking/bypass capacitors for operation from a single +5V supply. The internal active bias circuit also enables stable operation over bias and temperature variations.

  Product Specifications :

50-4000 MHz

21.8 dB Gain @ 1.9 GHz

+39.5 dBm Output IP3

1.3 dB Noise Figure @ 1.9 GHz

50 Ohm Cascadable Gain Block

Unconditionally stable

High input power capability

+5V Single Supply, 125 mA Current

SOT-89 Package

  Product ID :TQP3M9009-PCB
  Product URL :

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  Details of Product Vendor
  Name :TriQuint
  Web :

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 Microwave Bench, Microwave trainers, antenna trainer kit, microwave trainers supplier, antenna train
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