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  Product Brief :

TriQuint’s TQBiHEMT process is based on our production-released 0.7 μm TQPED and TQHBT3 processes. TQPED includes E-Mode and D-Mode pHEMT transistors. TQHBT3 is a 2 μm emitter InGaP HBT process designed for high ruggedness, high power applications. TQBiHEMT combines both processes onto a single wafer, enabling designers to integrate highly efficient, high power InGaP HBT PAs onto a single die with switches, LNAs, mixers and other functions that exhibit higher performance with a pHEMT realization. This process is targeted for integration of power amplifiers with linear, low loss and high isolation RF switch applications, converters and integrated RF Front Ends. The three metal interconnecting layers are encapsulated in a high performance dielectric that allows wiring flexibility, optimized die size and plastic packaging simplicity. Precision NiCr resistors and high value MIM capacitors are included allowing higher levels of integration, while maintaining smaller, cost effective die sizes.

  Product Specifications :

• InGaAs Active Layer pHEMT Process + InGaP HBT
• E-Mode, 0.35 V, Vth
• D-Mode, -0.8 V Vp
• 0.7 μm Optical Lithography Gates
• 2 μm Optical Lithography Emitters; Beta = 75
• High Density Interconnects:
     o 2 Global
     o 1 Local
• High-Q Passives
• Thin Film Resistors
• High Value Capacitors (1200 pF/μm2)
• Backside Vias Optional
• Transistor models including temperature and process variation

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Phone :+1.503.615.9000Fax :+1.503.615.8902



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 Antenna Trainer
 Wireless Microwave analog Digital link 2.4GHz
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