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Category : Satellite Communications : Satellite Internet

Radar Cross section RCS measurement Trainer

  Product Brief :


Amitec Radar Cross Section Trainer


Amitec RCS24 Features:

Amitec Model RCS24 Radar cross section Trainer has

been designed using the state of the art technology for

testing of radar cross section of actual reduced scale


The system includes a low RCS target support to

achieve precise measurements when used in radar

absorption range. This is a truly unique system that

places real-time, safe, and unclassified EW

demonstrations into the hands of students. It includes a

jamming pod that is a target that can perform direct or

modulated noise jamming. It includes a controller to

select the type of jamming and set the jamming

parameters. The jamming pod are designed for use

with radar to implement real EW situations. This

provides an effective means of introducing students to a

real-time jamming situation that necessitates a ECCM

to avoid losing target.

* K Band microwave operation

* Very high sensitivity with low power

* Safe operation Indoor

* Accurate measurement

* Very low leakage and harmonics

Amitec RCS24 Technical Specifications

Radar :K Band

Power : 20 dBm EIRP

Capture threshold : -30dBsm

Target threshold : <25mm size

RCS/ISAR processor : 10bits

Range : 50 dB

Demodulation : Quadrature

Bandwidth : 10 MHz

Jammimg Pod : PRBS

Target rotator : 360 degrees

Angular resolution : 1 degree

Loading : 1Kg

Target Size : < 500mm

Stealth accessories : RAM Cones,

Sheets Paints,


Scale models : Apache Helicopter

F117 stealth fighter,

B2 Bomber

Reference targets : Corner reflector,

Flat plate


Sphere - dielectric

Sphere - Metallic

Software : Windows XP for


Power Supply AC : 220V + 10% 50 Hz

Accessories : Mains Lead, etc

Specifications are subject to upgrade due to constant innovation. Accessories shown in the

photograph are not part of standard equipment.

E-Manual: Installation Video for ease of Learning

Mfd by: Amitec Electronics Ltd.

Regd. Off: 504, Nilgiri, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001

Works: 4/32, Site-4, Industrial Estate Sahibabad, UP-201010,

91-120-4371276, 91-9811839949, 91-9810193153

  Product Specifications :

  Product ID :RCS Stealth Training system
  Product URL :

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Cost :CostModel :RCS24
  Product Download URL :

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  Details of Product Vendor
  Name :Amitec electronics Ltd.
  Web :

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Phone :+91-9810193153, +91-Fax :+91-120-4371276



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