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Category : Wireless : 802.16

SkyWay 5000 Series MultiPoint Base Station

  Product Brief :

SkyWay 5000 delivers data rates up to 73 Mbps. With such capacity, users can now download large data files, high-resolution images, video clips, and MP3 files without much delay. Even streaming multimedia can now be delivered seamlessly.

OFDM Technology
The introduction of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology brings a wealth of benefits: An increased spectral efficiency means higher data rates up while still providing multiple, non-overlapping channels. Carriers and ISPs have plenty of capacity for a large number of subscribers with a single base station. OFDM is also much more immune to multi-path problems and resistant to potential interference.

  Product Specifications :

Point-to-point Performance:
Link Distance (SkyWay 5501):20+ Miles
Radio Power (SkyWay 5501):400 mW ( 26 dBm )
Multi-Point Performance:
Link Distance
Using Sectoral Basestation SkyWay 5600: 6 Miles
Using Omni Basestation SkyWay 5700: 4 Miles
Data Rates: 72 Mbps, 36 Mbps, 24Mbps, 12 Mbps, and 6 Mbps
Modulation: OFDM - BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
Media Access: CSMA/CA
Frequency: 5.500 - 5.700 & 5.725 - 5.850 GHz
Power: Power-over-Ethernet uses Ethernet 10/100Base-T
Protocol Support: Transparent MAC layer bridging, IP Static Routing, RIP, RIP2, transparent VLAN (802.1q)
Management: HTTP Web Server, SNMP v1.2, FTP, VLAN
Security: Hardware Accelerated (wire-speed encryption with no throughput loss)
Encryption: 40, 128, 152-bit AES & 40, 128-bit WEP
Authentication: MAC address-based access control
Size: 18" x 18" x 3.5"
Weight: 20 lbs.
Pole Mount Adapter 2-Axis Adjustment, Accommodates 1-4" pole diameter
Temperature: -20 to +60 C
Radio Compliance:
FCC CFR47, 15.247
Industrie Canada RSS 210
China MII [2002] 277

  Product ID :SkyWay 5000 Series
  Product URL :

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Cost :n.a.Model :SkyWay 5000 Series
  Details of Product Vendor
  Name :Solectek Corporation
  Web :

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Phone :+1(858) 450-1220Fax :+1 (858) 457-2681



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