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Category : Wireless : 802.11

Fujitsu WiMAX™ 802.16-2004 SoC MB87M3400

  Product Brief :

Fujitsu WiMAX™ 802.16-2004 SoC MB87M3400

Fujitsu has developed an integrated MAC/PHY mixed signal baseband processor for Broadband Wireless Access applications. This SoC (System on Chip) can support frequencies from 2 to 11GHz in both licensed and license-exempt bands.

The Fujitsu WiMAX SoC, MB87M3400, fully complies with the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard using an OFDM PHY and supports all the available channel bandwidths from 1.75MHz up to 20MHz bandwidths.. The SoC can operate in TDD or FDD modes.

Following are typical applications of the WiMAX SoC:

  • Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) applications compliant with WiMAX specifications such as CPEs and Base stations.
  • Products for 2 to 11GHz licensed and license exempt bands
  • Suitable independent frequency bands at 2.5, 3.5, 3.6 or 5.8GHz
  • Half-FDD / full-FDD or TDD applications

Two Fujitsu WiMAX SoCs work together to implement full-duplex FDD applications.

Certification and Compliance

Fujitsu has designed the MB87M3400 wireless MAN SoC to comply with the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard and intends to certify systems according to WiMAX profiles.

More information is available at the product's home page.

  Product Specifications :


  • Full compliance with the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard
  • Support for both subscriber stations and base stations for TDD or FDD applications
  • High-performance modulation capabilities for complete versatility:
    • 256-OFDM PHY with 64 QAM, 16 QAM, QPSK, and BPSK modulation
    • Uplink sub-channelisation for 16 sub-channels
  • Flexible configuration for easy system integration:
    • High-performance ADC and DAC for flexible baseband interfacing
    • Automatic frequency control (AFC) with integrated DAC
    • Dynamic frequency selection (DFS) with integrated ADC
      • Integrated ADC for transmit and receive power measurements
      • Rich set of integrated peripherals and RF control
      • Programmable automatic gain control (AGC) for supporting a broad range of RF attenuators
  • Security implementation based on DES, AES/CCM encryption/ decryption
  • Dual RISC processors for implementing upper and lower layer MAC
  • Integrated memory controller and DMA controller
  • Integrated Ethernet engine for network interface
  • 436 BGA package
  • Complete reference design with software and radio solution

  Product ID :MB87M3400
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  Name :Fujitsu
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Phone :+81 (0) 44 754 3753Fax :+81 (0) 44 754 3329



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