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    new cms 2016
    Keysight Technologies to host 5G Symposium
    Panasonic 45nm chip for HD-AV
    European GPS: GIOVE-B arrives at ESTEC for final tests
    Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Phone TV

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    Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Phone TV
    ElvaLink Announces Gigabit Ethernet Mm-wave Links (1.25Gbpst Full-Duplex Radio Link).
    RADOX® RailCat data bus cable from HUBER+SUHNER
    CSR's open architecture BlueCore for Bluetooth.

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    new cms 2016
    Keysight Technologies to host 5G Symposium
    Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Phone TV

   New 3-Port Switch For Triple And Quad Play Applications: Micrel

Micrel Inc., announced recently  a 3-port switch (KS8893ML), the Company’s latest third generation switch product. This product follows the 2-port switch (the KS8842M) introduced in...

   GaAs MMIC Sub-harmonically Pumped Receiver and Transmitter Chip Set (18 to 25 GHz): Mimix Broadband, Inc.

Mimix Broadband, Inc. announced recently the introduction of gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) sub-harmonically pumped receiver and ...

  Ka-band Products, Including Power Amplifiers and Doubler: Mimix Broadband, Inc.

Mimix Broadband, Inc. introduced earlier this month, a new line of Ka-band gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) products. The products ...

   New Family of Dual-Band CDMA Power Amplifiers: ANADIGICS

ANADIGICS, Inc. , announced earlier this week, a new family of dual-band InGaP power amplifiers (PAs) supporting the AMPS/cellular and PCS frequency bands. The new PAs provide full compliance with CDMA 1xRTT and CDMA 1xEV-DO standards, high efficiency, and excellent linearity to enable outstan...

  Low Noise 15GHz Phase-Locked Oscillator Surface Mount IC: Hittite Corp.

Hittite Microwave Corporation, recently released a fully integrated InGaP HBT Phase-Locked Oscillator (PLO) Surface Mount MMIC for Point to Point/Multipo...

  Eight-port Network Analyzer (R&S ZVT8) from Rohde & Schwarz

The new R& S ZVT8 from Rohde & Schwarz is an eight-port vector network analyzer up to 8 GHz for universal measurements on multiports and balanced DUTs. Featuring true multiport architecture, the R&S ZVT8 offers very short measurement times while maintaining high measurement accurac...

  Software for Securing and Managing Wireless LANs - Roving Planet’s Commander Suite.

Roving Planet, a provider of software solutions essential for operating wireless LANs, recently announced the availability of Commander™ Suite 3.0, a full-featured, comprehensive Wi-Fi security and management software suite specifically designed for the needs of enterprise level operations....

  Ultra Wide Band Chipset Solution for Wireless USB Applications by Wisair

Wisair introduced a WiMedia standard Ultra Wide Band (UWB) chipset solution, with the release of its 531 UWB Baseband chip. According to Wisair, the new 531 chip, a  Multiband OFDM compliant CMOS-based MAC/Baseband System-on-a-Chip, is ready for use in Wireless USB (WUSB) and Wireless Eth...

  Integration of HBTs and pHEMTs on Single InGaP GaAs Die by Anadigics

Anadigics, Inc. recently announced the Company's proprietary, commercial process for integrating hetero-junction bipolar transistors (HBTs) with pseudo-morphic high electron mobility...



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