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    First Galileo Satellite Launched - A Technology Demonstrator.
    Fujitsu To Feature its WiMAX Reference Design Kit at the WiMAX World in Boston
    WavMax deploys SkyFiber using DragonWave’s AirPair to build high capacity network in Denver, Colorado
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    WavMax deploys SkyFiber using DragonWave’s AirPair to build high capacity network in Denver, Colorado
    Antenna trainers
    First Galileo Satellite Launched - A Technology Demonstrator.
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    WavMax deploys SkyFiber using DragonWave’s AirPair to build high capacity network in Denver, Colorado

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    WavMax deploys SkyFiber using DragonWave’s AirPair to build high capacity network in Denver, Colorado

DragonWave Inc a global supplier of wireless networks, recently announced that WavMax Broadband a Wireless Broadband Service Provider in Littleton, Colorado has deployed DragonWave’s AirPair 200 Mbps product to build one of the largest high capacity wireless backhaul projects in the United States.

“SkyFiber” is using AirPair in a high bandwidth, low latency, ring configuration around the City of Denver with speeds of 200 Mbps and is easily upgradeable to 400 Mbps and beyond. SkyFiber now able to deliver increasingly higher capacity services more cost effectively than any wireline technology

“That positions us as the regional backhaul ‘railroad’ for wholesaling our WavMax network,” states John Taylor, CEO of WavMax. “It will loop around the entire Denver metro area and serve as a tremendous addition to the substantial ‘last mile’ wireless footprint that WavMax has built over the past 3 years, preparing for the coming wave of “WiMax” services.”

Initially WavMax had leased lines and unlicensed low capacity microwave links, but when they ran out of capacity they looked to DragonWave to provide the required capacity and network availability. WavMax is also using AirPair to provide connectivity to their 50 cell sites around the city, eliminating costly leased lines. By increasing their network capacity WavMax is now able to wholesale to other Service Providers and expand their footprint.

“We are delighted to be selected by WavMax for this innovative network in the Rocky Mountain Region,” said Peter Allen, CEO of DragonWave “WavMax’s network will now be able to scale smoothly, predictably and reliably, without concern for interference”

“Using DragonWave’s high-capacity wireless backhaul, WavMax is becoming the superior wireless broadband company in the Rocky Mountain Region,” according to Mark Goosmann, WavMax Director of Corporate Development. “WavMax is becoming the only true ‘last mile’ alternative to the regional Bell company for residential, business, and even wholesale access to other telecom providers and national ISPs.”

According to the Company sources, DragonWave's AirPair product operates within both licensed and unlicensed radio frequencies of 18-to-26-GHz range, ensuring interference-free performance for customer traffic. The DragonWave solution provides high performance, scalable, ultra low latency, QoS-enabled native Ethernet connectivity up to 200 Mbps full duplex. The system is extremely easy to deploy and manage, with a full suite of network management options. AirPair has indoor and outdoor deployment options, and is a highly reliable platform enabling 99.999% service availability.


About WavMax

Based in Littleton, Colorado, WavMax is a Wireless Broadband Service Provider (WBSP) providing high-capacity Internet access services, digital video service, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to Colorado’s Front Range, and worldwide roaming services to its customers. Since the company currently is building its network on a pre-WiMax technology equipment provider, WavMax is well positioned to benefit from the burgeoning WiMAX standard and expected boom.; Contact: Mark Goosmann, Director of Corporate Development, 720.279.2366.

About DragonWave

DragonWave designs, markets and supports broadband, wireless networking products for service providers and enterprises requiring reliable, predictable, interference-free, high-bandwidth transmission of real-time, IP applications. DragonWave products meet the demands of a wide range of applications as well as delivering a value proposition that enables operators and service providers an "invest as you grow" capability that leverages profitable growth. DragonWave is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada's high-technology capital. The company's Web site is

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