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    Keysight Technologies to host 5G Symposium
    Panasonic 45nm chip for HD-AV
    European GPS: GIOVE-B arrives at ESTEC for final tests
    Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Phone TV

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    Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Phone TV
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    new cms 2016
    Keysight Technologies to host 5G Symposium
    Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Phone TV

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    DTV measurement and Monitoring Tool from Z Technology

DTV1010, a measurement/monitoring system for ATSC digital television signals provides audio/video decoding features of the recently announced AV1010 Commercial DTV Receiver. The DTV1010 includes new RF Transmission parameter monitoring features for display of the 8VSB constellation and eye diagram, and a new FFT spectrum occupancy display. All of these features are available with a local or network connected PC running Z Technology WinDM-Pro™ application software.

The DTV1010 is based the Z Technology’s RF measurement front end. The design features automatically ranged attenuators allowing the repeatable, NIST traceable performance. The RF frontend, along with a custom demodulator design and jointly developed DTV measurement display technology, offers an efficient networked measurement solution for North American television broadcasters.

The measurement path characterizes the RF signal, and documents RF and demodulated data parameters to clear text files for historical analysis. This precision RF path also provides an 8VSB signal on channel 7 or 8 for distribution of the station’s full program stream to house DTV receivers and a high quality IF signal to drive the system’s audio/video section for local program selection and output. The WinDM-Pro™ software application runs on a WindowsPC, either directly or network connected to the measurement demodulator, providing graphic displays of parameters available in text form on the system front panel.

Z Technology, Inc., is a U.S. manufacturer specializing in products and systems for the measurement and mapping of RF signal coverage and DTV data parameters. To learn more about the company and its products, visit

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