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    High Frequency Hand Formable Cable Assemblies from Koaxis, Inc.
  Date:15-09-2010 - CCNA Exam Simulator
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    High Frequency Hand Formable Cable Assemblies from Koaxis, Inc.
  Date:15-09-2010 - CCNA Exam Simulator
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    Smallest Wi-Fi Integrated Front End by RF Arrays, Inc.

RF Arrays, Inc., head quartered in India, announced a very small WiFi chip. The RWF111 contains Power amplifier,Low Noise Amplifier, and antenna switch in a 3x3 mm package and an external component count of just 2 bi-pass capacitors. According to Company news release, the ultra small footprint also reduces Power Amplifier power consumption significantly vs. currently available solutions, making it ideal for embedding Wi-Fi capability into portable, battery-powered consumer electronics.

The device is targeted for use in PDAs, VoWi-Fi handsets, cameras, cellular handsets, computer peripherals, and automotive devices.

"As Wi-Fi technology is becoming ubiquitous more and more devices are looking to add WiFi connectivity, in the same form factor. This is putting pressure on the design community both in terms of board real-estate and power budget. The RWF111 provides an effective solution for mobile electronics when adding WiFi connectivity," said Rupert Prince, Executive Vice president, RF Arrays, Inc. "With this new Front end device, RF Arrays is enabling OEMs to embed Wi-Fi in a series of challenging new applications while simultaneously shrinking form factors, extending battery life and meeting aggressive cost targets."

The front end features a power amplifier with a current draw of less than 100 mA whilst transmitting 802.11g signal at 15 dBm output with a EVM of better than 4%. The MMIC includes a high gain very low noise LNA which will greatly improve the link budget in most systems (LNA Gain = 15 dB, NF < 1.0 dB), as well as a power detector and biasing circuitry in a miniature 16-pin 3 x 3 x 0.5 mm QFN package. The FEM is fully matched internally to a 50 ohm output and input impedance.

The RWF111 is in production now, priced at US $1.10 in 10k unit quantities.

    Submitted By: news team Date: 2007-04-17
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