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 E1- Ethernet converter (Chassis + unit card)

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     Antenna Plotting Software

  Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

  50-1300 Mhz Antenna Trainer

  Microwave Bench, Microwave trainers, antenna trainer kit, microwave trainers supplier, antenna train

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    Preamp tube1

  Premier 5 Satellite Modem

  Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

  Microwave Bench

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OMT240D multiplexer 19 inches wide and 1U high with 16×E1 load. Supporting TM and ADM modes, auto-healing rings available for dual optical interfaces....


Amitec Satellite Trainer STC10 Satellite Trainer is the first of its kind using actual techniques of satellite communication. It can uplink a given signal to a satellite link emulator, which can be stationed far away. The satellite will then re-transmit the same signal at a different frequency to a...


SCALAR NETWORK ANLAYSER SNA05The scalar network analyzer SNA05 is designed to allowyou to actually SEE the Electronic time”. It can be used for analysis ...



  E1- Ethernet converter (Chassis + unit card)

14 cards for maximum accommodation, DC48V/AC220V optional. 1+1 power protection available...

  Video Optical Modem (OTS232)

Its optical fiber covers more than 60Km. The MODEM is widely used in various spot data communication such as SCADA system, data collecting system, computer distributing system, and so on. The OTS232 can compose star network, ring network or simple point-to-point...


OTS155B SDH 19 inches wide and 1U high. Standard STM-1 traffic with 155.520Mbit/s rate. 8E1, R232 and external alarm on chassis. Extra 16E1 and FE interface optional. AC220V/DC48V power feeding, 1+1 optional. LCD and LED indicators on the front panel...

  Fom480 Multiplexer

16E1 STM-1 MultiplexerPDH fiber optical multiplexer with STM-1 rate, two optical interfaces, which constitute 1+1 mode. The equipment can transmit 8E1 simultaneously, 1 channel 100M Ethernet and 1 NX64K V. 35. It has a perect alarm function, it...

  TQP3M9009 High Linearity LNA Gain Block

The TQP3M9009 is a cascadable, high linearity gain block amplifier in a SOT-89 package. The gain block has the benefit of having high gain across a broad range of frequencies while also providing very low noise, allowing for use in bo...

  Microwave antenna training system

MICROWAVE ANTENNA TRAINING SYSTEM MAT10Microwave Antenna Training System MAT10 Features:Am...

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Most Viewed Products
 Antenna Plotting Software
 Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer
 50-1300 Mhz Antenna Trainer
 Microwave Bench, Microwave trainers, antenna trainer kit, microwave trainers supplier, antenna train
 Preamp tube1

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