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Microstrip/MIC/Microwave Trainer

Product Description :

Microstrip/MIC Trainer



The equipment has been developed keeping in mind the

requirements of new syllabus for most universities. It

uses a broadband PLL microwave source working over

a decade of bandwidth from 0.2-2 GHz and a matched

PLL reciever scanning the bandwidth. Several modules

using low loss substrate are provided with etched

surface mounted circuits. Gold plated SMA connectors

are provided on each modules for repeatable

connections. Teflon cables are provided for low loss



* PLL Synthesized source and receiver

* S - parameter test set provided

* Over 30 different MIC modules provided

* RS232 interface

* Windows software for graphical analysis

* 50 Ohms matched impedance system

* Gold plated connectors

* Low loss substrate

Technical Specifications:

Microwave Source : 0.2 GHz to 2GHz PLL


Display : 16X2 Backlit LCD

Accuracy : 0.01% for frequency

Microwave output : 0dBm

Level Accuracy : + 2dB

Output Impedance : 50 Ohms

Receiver Range : 0.2 GHz to 2GHz PLL

Power measure : dBm, dBuV

Display : 16X2 Backlit LCD

Resolution : 0.1dB

Dynamic Range : 70dB

Input Impedance : 50 Ohms

Autoscan : frequency tracking

Data Storage : 2 X 1000 X 4 array

S Parameter Test : S11, S12, S21, S22


RS232 inteface : plotting on PC via RS 232

using windows software

Software Specifications

SWR, Reflection Coefficient & S11, S12, S21, S22 plots,

data logging with file editor, RS232 interface for accurate

data transfer, Zooming (1x-9x) Capabilities, Linear/Log

Representation of plot, Double Cursor Measurement,

Printing and file saving facility, pattern overlay, relative &

absolute plots, Real time data logging and data dump


Microwave Simulation Software

design and analysis of microwave circuits.

Technical specifications:

Active Circuits:

Microwave Amplifiers

1. MMIC amplifier

2. Microwave BJT amplifier (Optional)

3. Microwave GASFET amplifier (Optional)

Microwave Switches

4. SPST PIN diode switch

5. DPDT PIN diode switch

Microwave Modulators

6. Amplitude Modulator (Optional)

Microwave Circulators

7. Circulator (Optional)

Microwave Isolators

8. Isolator (Optional)

Microwave Phase Shifters

9. Phase Shifter

Microwave Mixers

10. Single Ended Mixer (Optional)

11. Double Ended Mixer (Optional)

12. Double Balanced Mixer (Optional)

Microwave Oscillator

13. Microwave Oscillator (Optional)

Passive circuits:

Microwave Antennas

15. Patch Antenna inset fed

16. Patch Antenna transformer fed

17. Log Spiral antenna

18. Log Periodic Dipole array

Microwave Attenuators

19. Fixed attenuator

20. Variable attenuator

Microwave Baluns

21. Balun

Microwave Bias Network

22. Radial Stub Butterfly

23. Radial Series Stub

24. Radial Short Stub

Microwave Impedance Matching & Tuning

25. Matched Load

26. Open stub

27. Short stub

28. Mismatch

29. Transformer Single-section

30. Transformer Double-section

31. Tapered Line

Power Dividers

32. Wilkinson chip resistor type

33. Wilkinson w/o resistor

34. Wilkinson unequal division

Microwave Couplers

35. Coupled line directional coupler

36. Hybrid Ring Rat race coupler

37. Branch Line Coupler

38. Tapered Line coupler

Microwave Resonators

39. Ring Resonator

40. Half wave resonator

Microwave Filters

41. Low Pass Filter stub type

42. Low Pass Filter step impedance

43. Band Stop Filter coupled line (Optional)

44. Band Stop Filter stub type (Optional)

45. Band Pass Filter edge coupled

46. Band Pass Filter resonator

47. Band pass Filter interdigital(Optional)

48. Band Pass Filter Hair pin

49. High Pass Filter

Microwave Components

50. Inter Digital capacitor

51. Spiral Inductor

Microwave Discontinuities

52. Radius Bend

53. Miter Bend

Microwave Detector

54. Detector (Optional)

Grounded Coplanar Waveguide

55. Grounded Coplanar Waveguide

Microwave Strip Line

56. Strip line (Optional)


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Product Specifications :

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