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Product Description :

OTS155B SDH 19 inches wide and 1U high. Standard STM-1 traffic with 155.520Mbit/s rate. 8E1, R232 and external alarm on chassis. Extra 16E1 and FE interface optional. AC220V/DC48V power feeding, 1+1 optional. LCD and LED indicators on the front panel

Product Specifications :

Category :Fiber-Optics

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ID :P_148
Product ID :OTS155B SDH
Product URL : OTS155B SDH
Product URL Text : OTS155B SDH
Model :OTS155B SDH
Details of Product Vendor
Name :Tianjin hengguang technologies co.,ltd.
Web Text :
Phone :86-22-28313818
Fax :86-22-28277197

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