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Dear Sir/Ma'm, 

            This is to inform you that we are a RF & Microwaves company involved in manufacturing High end RF & Microwaves Training systems and customized low cost RF& microwave instruments. We have developed Antenna training systems including 86-860 MHz, 0.005-2 GHz, 2.3-2.7 GHz and 0.01-18 GHz models. We have also developed Satellite communication systems- 2.4 GHz models, Transmission Line Trainer 500 MHz, RF Trainers, Scalar Network analysers, X band spectrum analysers, Microwave benches- calibrated on HP 20 GHz network analyzer, Noise sources, Microwave signal sources till 24 GHz, Doppler radar Trainer, Pulse radar Trainer, 20 GHz Power meter and X band Power meter (Low cost), AM FM signal sources -1 GHz, Stealth Trainer, MIC trainer1-2 GHz model besides a lot of work till 40 GHz. Please visit our website We are helping research fellows and PhD scholars in their works eg, Mrs. Preeti calla, Mr. Raghvan from Delhi College of Eng (DCE). We have also worked with DCE students for their UAV( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for which they have won best innovative price form U.S. military at Georgia Tech University.  Please visit . We are also working on Nanotechnology and have introduced and supplied Maskless Lithography at IIT-K. Research fellows working on MEMS, MIC, UAV, USV and projects till submm wave etc are welcome. Our prestigious clients include Falcon Mumbai , besides IIT-D, IIT-R, ICRS(Dr. O.P.N. Calla) etc.

We can help you in your requirements in RF and Microwaves. Kindly give us an opportunity to serve you.



With Regards

Amit Sharma


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