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RFID Beginners Guide
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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The traditional way of identification of parts is through bar code technology. However, RFID has several technological advantages over bar code as discussed in the tutorial. RFID tutorial is available from The contents of the same are provided below.

  1.  Introduction to Radio Frequency Identification- RFID

  1. What is RFID

  2. Compare RFID with Bar Code Technology

  3. Benefits of RFID

  4.  Disadvantages of RFID

  1. Active and Passive RFID Systems

  2. RFID Frequencies

  3. Operation of RFID Systems

    1. RFID Building blocks

    2. RFID Tag block schematic, and operation

    3. Backscatter Modulation

  4. RFID Standards

  5. RFID Manufacturers

  6. Applications of RFID

  7. RFID Test Labs:

  8. RFID Implementations

  9. RFID Glossary of Terms

 Read RFID Tutorial.

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