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Category : Satellite Communications : Satellite Radio Sets


  Product Brief :
Amitec EMI / EMC Lab EMI20 Amitec EMI20 Features: Amitec EMI20 Technical Specifications Near Field Magnetic probe Near Field Electric probe Low Noise Preamplifier Emissions Reference Source1 Emissions Reference Source2 * Effectiveness of a shielding material * Location source of emissions of pcb tracks * Effectiveness of a Ferrite as a HF suppressor * Measuring induction into conductors * Tracking currents on a conducting plane * Estimating cross talk on PCB Type Sensor H/E Freq. Sens. M1Loop H-Field 40dB 800 MHz High M2Loop H-Field 30 dB 1.5 GHz Med. M3 Loop H-Field 10 dB 2.5 GHz Low Type Sensor E/H Freq. Sens. E1 Omni E-Field 30 dB > 1.0 GHz High E2 Narrow E-Field 30dB >3.0 GHz Low Frequency Range 9KHz-4GHz Noise figure 3dB Gain 20dB Compression 1dB 10dBm Frequency 10-4000 MHz Steps 10MHz/50MHz Frequency DC-4000 MHz Signal Noise Impedance 50 Ohms RF level at 3m 40-80dBuV/m Impedance 50 Ohms RF level at 3m 40-80dBuV/m EMC Analyser EM Demo Kit LF/HF Electromagnetic Detector Electric Fast Transient Generator Antenna Helmholtz Coil LISN TEM Field Generator Software Frequency 1-500MHz SMPS, EM demo board, Ferrite Suppressors, Shielded Cans, Biconical 0.05-2GHz Magnetic Loop 9KHz-30MHz Frequency Range 9KHz-30MHz Impedance 50 Ohms Frequency 10KHz-1GHz E-field 90V/m at 10W Impedance 50 Ohms EMI EMC design software Resolution 100KHz 4 digit LED display Range -90dBm - +10dBm Noise Figure 4dB Input Impedance 50 Ohms (BNC) CRO Output Linear X, Log Y out (BNC) Frequency range 9KHz - 3 GHz Sensitivity -70dBm Resolution 0.1dB Voltage 4000V Log periodic Antenna 0.1-4 GHz Inductance 3.5mH Coil Factor 1Gauss/A Size 305mm

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  Product ID :EMI EMC Trainer
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  Name :Amitec Electronics Ltd.
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Phone :+91-9810193153,+91-9Fax :+91-121-4371276



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 Microwave test bench x band
 Antenna Trainer
 Wireless Microwave analog Digital link 2.4GHz
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